I always knew somehow, someway, my little off-the-kitchen sun room covered in faux wood paneling and outfitted with some type of glued down floral carpeting would transform to become one of my favorite rooms in the house.

 Well it did.
Ya I know, it had a long way to go. A whole lot of sweat and tears and drywall sanding and knocking out walls and painting and etc, etc forever, we came to this.

YA, ITS THE SAME ROOM! so here's what we did. 


We knocked out the framed in door walls to create this open space.

We then ripped out those heaters, and drywalled. And when I say "we", I really mean my husband. but don't you worry, because I sanded that stinckin' drywall for days, and I really mean weeks! Maybe just 1 week.  See, here I am.
All of a sudden we had this HUGE open kitchen! We framed in the windows and painted everything my favorite white: Benjamin Moore simply white. We installed a very affordable flush mount that got a gilded gold makeover, (thats a whole different blog post, stay tuned for the DIY).

And then we got to working on the built in Banquette.
We based our built-in after THIS tutorial we found on Pinterest. pretty straight foreword build. only took my superman husband an hour. 

Because we knocked out all of the horrible dungeon dark upper cabinets, we decided to go with open shelving. I  blogged about them HERE
It was on to the flooring, (I posted the details recently here)
It was really starting to come together!! I finished off the banquette by painting it all Simply White and painted the back door my favorite color from Farrow and Ball: Downpipe, and inserted a piece of MDF that I chalkboard painted to fit the opening for the missing glass. Now it was time to decorate! My favorite part!
Paint color: Benjamin Moore Simply White

Back door paint color: Farrow and Ball Downpipe (LOVE this color)

Banquette: built ourselves. (you can build your own with this tutorial)

Open Shelving: Built ourselves, DIY

Hardwood floor: Traffic Master Saratoga Hickory

Pillows: Made by me, simple DIY coming soon

Roman shades: Lowes for $4 a piece!! Allen and Roth in Driftwood

Chairs: thrifted

Stools: on the side of the road

Jute Rug: Ross

Fiddle Leaf Fig: Ikea in a Ross basket. (P.s. my fiddle leef is thriving! 1 cup of water once a week and keep it in the same spot!)

White Pedastal table: Thrifted for $12!

Sheepskin: Ikea

Light fixture: DIY Gilded Light Fixture: To be blogged soon


Esther @denofsix
02/02/2015 3:54pm

That looks amazing! The before pictures reminds me of a mobile home that my family used to live in {shudder}. I'm loving how your house is transforming into a welcoming, beautiful home! 💗

02/02/2015 4:58pm

Goodness Esther, you are too kind :) Thank you!

02/04/2015 8:45pm

Lindy, this looks amazing! I love the Downpipe on the door! What is the adorable blue piece underneath your open shelving?

02/05/2015 10:34pm

Oh ya, thats Trav's tea station. its just a couple 2x12's screwed together, painted black and then greywashed

02/16/2015 7:55pm

So beautiful and bright! How did you make the seat cushions? I have a set up like this but it is a window seat and have been wanting some kind of seating but don't want to spend a fortune for custom!!

02/17/2015 8:24pm

Meg, do you know how to sew? search pinterest for a good box cushion tutorial. I just use my foam as my pattern and cut 2 pieces of fabric around it allowing about 1/4" seam allowance on all sides and then a strip of fabric about the width of the foam and sew a box cushion sewing right sides together the strip of fabric and the first square piece and then right sides together the other square piece onto the strip that is now sewn in place.

02/20/2015 3:39pm

Lookin good Lindy! Wish I was sitting in your breakfast nook with ya!

06/18/2015 8:26am

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09/15/2015 2:30pm

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! I am a new home owner and...I feel like you are my interior design twin separated at birth (heehee!). We have been working on a really tiny budget, but thrifting is my jam so it's not that scary. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration!

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11/06/2015 6:42pm

Hey Lindy!
I just found your blog from seeing your home featured on Design Sponge. I am so impressed and inspired! My husband and I just moved to the Tacoma area and I'm wondering if you could share which thrift stores/antique shops you shop at! I can't BELIEVE how amazing your finds are!! Thanks so much and well done!

02/08/2016 10:27pm

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