So, we left off at the concrete counters. If you missed PART ONE of the Kitchen: HERE you go

lets say, they are not my favorite. Knowing that they are a temporary solution while deciding between marble and butcher block makes them livable.

I LOVE the raw and organic look of them but no matter how many times I sealed them, they still absorb oil and now I'm left with oil spots/grease all over them.
You can't really tell from the photos, but we built a little mold by screwing those pieces of trim around the entire countertop and poured the concrete onto the counter and smoothed it out to the top of the mold's lip.

super simple. once we unscrewed the mold we just floated the concrete with a small trowel on the edges to make it look like one thick slab of concrete.

We wanted to put a top coat of concrete using Ardex Feather Finish, because we heard its great for DIY countertops, so we let the bottom layers set and started on the subway tile. 

Subway tiling up two walls takes time but its so worth it in the end!

We then added crown molding and those little corner things, what are they called? I don't know but they add so much character!  (Home depot in the molding section)

Things started to look like this!!! AHH, so bright and crisp!

We found a new Kholer porcelain sink at Habitat for Humanity Restore for $30 and the faucet is from Home Depot: LINK

On to my favorite part, the faux coffered ceiling. I will blog a little bit more in depth on them at a later time but I will say it was a fairly easy project, but required time and two people, and made a HUGE impact on the overall look.

We gave all the walls a fresh coat of BM simply white and it was on to the hardwood floors.

We installed our flush mounts: Which have been blogged HERE. and used the pendant kit from an $8 Ikea light to rig our 'over the sink fixture', just a jute basket with a hole cut in the bottom to feed the light kit through.

Things started coming together quickly after the floors were down. We sanded the concrete smooth, started caulking and before we knew it, it looked like this!

Yes, I know, he is a giant cat.

I found an old wood table from the 1800's with the original hand written tag nailed to the underside, its all in italian and its safe to say that it came from Italy.  It was $60!!! Holy smokes, I'm STILL stoked on that find.

This last photo you'll see the difference between the original paint color on the cabinets: BM Hale Navy and the toned down version I decided to go with: Farrow and Ball Downpipe. 
I can't say I like one version over the other but at times the subway tile/hale navy cupboards/red persian rug had me singing the star spangled banner every time I walked in. 

We've left off in a good place to slowly upgrade. next up is all new appliances and cabinets to build in those new appliances along that wall. As you can see in this photo, everything is just floating and we literally use a box fan as the stove ventilation system. Dangerous!

And now a quick look back. AAAHHH
Luvs! Lindy