Let's talk about the kitchen! 

I am going to take you through the entire transformation in two parts, because a kitchen is a lengthy process. 

First of all, the kitchen wasn't supposed to be touched until sometime this year. It was in need of EVERYTHING (and still is! all we did was put lipstick on a pig!) but as we started making the rest of the house really pretty: 

The kitchen was starting to look worse because of the changes around it!

We were faced with two options: 
1. spend 25-30 + GRAND $$$$ on a new kitchen 
2. make it livable, functional and pretty on a budget repurposing what was already there while saving for new counters/cabinets/appliances etc.

So, we went with option 2. 
This is our Repurposed Kitchen. Still in need of new cabinets/counters/appliances/built ins etc, but that will all come in due time!! 

Lets, get started. 

First, we knocked out that old hutch to open up the kitchen without tearing down that wall which is load bearing. 

Then, we got to work on busting out the dark, dungeon upper cabinets and horrible ceiling panels. 

I started playing around with lower cabinet paint colors. I know that I will eventually want an all white kitchen so I figured that my temporary kitchen should be FUN, and different. Also the reddish stain on those cabinets made it an easy choice to choose a darker color as the stain was seeping through the primer!

At first, I went with BM Hale Navy, (leftover from our OFFICE) But decided it was too much, and toned it down a little after I fell in love with Farrow and Ball Downpipe. (you'll see that color in the finished photos in Part Two) 

Then, we knocked out the door frame to the breakfast nook (you can read about that transformation HERE) to create an open space. In keeping with the open feel, we knocked open that kitchen passthrough window so it meets up with the door frame.

We started on the sheetrock. We almost had to re-sheetrock the entire kitchen. It was a process, and I sanded drywall for days!

We started applying wainscoting to the ceiling. (our faux coffered and wainscoting ceiling is one of our favorite projects, we'll blog about it soon)

Next up, figuring out a way to repurpose some horrible tiled countertops without spending much money.

I remember sitting at my parents kitchen table making our "livable kitchen" budget and Travis asked me, "Lindy, can you do this for $500? the entire kitchen?" and I said "YES" but only because I was so stoked he was allotting any money at all considering the original plan was to live with it the way it was until we could afford the grand plan kitchen. of course we blew through that $500 so I bought a bag of concrete and we spent a weekend slapping it on the old tile. 

This is where I will leave you for PART ONE. More on the concrete counters in Part Two. 

Also, look forward to walls of subway tile/white paint/coffered ceilings/brass drawer pulls/ and warm hardwood floors. 

Luvs, Lindy