So heres the deal. When we did a walk through of our home, we pealed up the corners of the carpet to expose beautiful fir softwood flooring. We had these grand visions of it being perfectly restorable. 

My husband is a genius planner, excel sheet maker, budgeter, etc. so when we put an offer in on the house we started planning and budgeting. We knew exactly how much this house needed (no body ever say the words I just said, whatever you THINK you need when renovating a house, just add thousands to that number) anyways, new flooring was not in the budget. 

When we started ripping out the carpet, we found this:
It was NOT able to be refinished.  It had water damage (pee damage) from the dogs and they had painted it with Kilz to mask the odor. so new flooring had to work its way into the budget (into a budget that had no room to grow).

We decided for now to go with a wide plank linoleum by Traffic Master in Saratoga Hickory. Because, guess what?! Its only .99 a sqft!! It only cost about $1400 for the entire first level!

Im happy to report that I love it, aside from the obvious dark wood problems, you can see all the dust and have to sweep or swifter a lot! It's pretty durable, has a hand scraped feel to it and its the wide plank that I was after.  Installation is time consuming but pretty easy.  I would definitely recommend it if you are on a budget!

And here's a cleaner version, sans drywall dust.
The entire upstairs is able to be refinished, so thank heavens!
XOXO, Lindy