Because I am totally new to blogging and have no idea what I am doing, I thought I'd start with something simple. Alas, the beautiful, chunky and versatile Blanket Scarf. I am sure by now you all have seen this beauty. For around $10 you can make your own!

What you need:

- 2-2.5 yards of fashion flannel shirting (Joann Fabric! 8.99 a yard, and right now use their 50% off coupon on their website!) 
- Scissors

Lets get making!
use your scissors to trim off a nice straight edge. take your cute little fingers and peel away the strings until you start getting some fringe along the edges of the scarf.
You're DONE! So stinkin' easy! now wrap that thing around you all cozy warm. I got some great ideas for wrapping on Classy Sassy, I personally love the braided knot. 
And who doesn't love a good sloppy 'over the shoulder' Blanket Scarf??
There you have it.  The classic Tartan blanket scarf for 10 bucks.

XOXO, Lindy


04/11/2015 2:04pm

Okay! Where do you take all your ideas from? This scarf will be perfect complement in the spring evening!

06/27/2016 2:36am

hey, this is really perfect, I loved it


I can't believe that this post is one of your first few attempts at blogging. The directions made were pretty clear and your photos are fairly good. I have been searching for tutorials on how to make myself a blanket scarf. However I can't quite understand the ones I have been seeing. I think this is by far the best one I have seen yet. I am about to try making my own blanket scarf now.

06/11/2015 2:06pm

This is such a great tutorial, and thanks for linking to my post! Your braided scarf looks fantastic! =)

<a href=""Classy Sassy</a>

09/05/2015 1:46am

Very useful tutorial for using the old blankets as the fashion scarfs. The way you have told to make the edges of the scarf styles is admirable. This tutorial will definitely add the style to one beauty with your blanket scarf.

11/26/2015 11:08pm

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01/16/2016 3:28pm

Thank you for this!! I just got back from the fabric store and will make my scarf tonight. :)


Lovely fashion scarf. Can be used with multiple combination of suits to match up perfection.

06/30/2016 4:37am

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