I Love a good, perfectly square, large coffee table and have been inspired by the look of them for a long time. So I gathered some 2x2's and whatever scrap wood I had in the trusty ol' wood pile for the top and got to work. its actually really easy, and will come together quickly with the right tools.


[6] 2x2's x 8ft
Wood top: (the finished dimensions are 39"x39" so gather whatever wood widths you'd like to make it 39") I used whatever wood I had on hand.
Countersink drill bit
2.5 inch screws
Electric Drill 
Chop Saw
Tape measurer and Pencil
Stain or Paint
Wood glue: I didn't use it in my construction but I would recommend it, applying it on all the joints.

CUT LIST: (using a chop saw)
[8] cuts of 39" (2x2's)
[4] cuts of 15' (2x2's)
Cut all your table top boards to 39" long