I Love me some BRASS! When it was time to choose fixtures for our kitchen, this 'galley inspired' light spoke to me. 
$528 price tag did not speak the same language.

It was off to Pinterest to see what I could come up with. As I searched 'DIY Brass light fixture' The Hunted Interiors Diy fixture was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I knew we were on the same wave length when I saw that we had the same inspiration fixture. 

Heres the 'How-To' and of course check out the original tutorial from The Hunted Interior.

You"ll need:

1. Hampton Bay flush mount in brushed nickel. $44

2. Antique Gold Rub N' Buff. $6

3. Rustoleum Metallic in BRASS (not gold, I had to order it online, but check your local Lowes.) $4

Take the fixture out of the box and outdoors to spray paint. (don't spray the white glass light cover that it comes with). When its dry, take a paper towel and cover the entire fixture with the rub n buff, work in tiny cirlces as you 'wipe on, wipe off', do as many coats as you'd like and blend to your desired look. 

You're done! And just like that, you're budget nickel flush mount looks almost identical to the brass beauty. 

Luvs, Lindy