Sharing our announcement that made its debut on Candice's Blog Ivy and Tweed

From Candice:

About six weeks ago, my cutie friend, Lindy (@thimbleandclothblog), and I got our selves a little idea. And we quickly decided this little idea had BIG potential. So we did what all rational people do, we dove straight into the deep end, created a brand, formed a business plan, found ourselves a perfect little space, and now we are just a few small steps away from taking our little idea with big potential and turning it into a tangible business. That’s completely rational, right?!

With that said, we are incredibly proud and overwhelmingly excited to introduce you to the classroom collective, a space to connect with community and cultivate creativity.

We will be opening a quaint little space where we will host a collection of creative workshops ranging from simple DIY’s to more advanced projects. In addition to the classes, we have also been creating a curated line of handmade merchandise that will appear in our occasional pop-up shop!

Our mission is to create a space where community thrives and creativity abounds. Hear me out, we LOVE Instagram, like really love it. It’s how we’ve come to know most of you. But we want to take our insta-friendships to the next level and get to know you face to face.

And we LOVE creating. It’s who we are. When I first met Lindy and asked her what kind of art she does. She said, “I don’t know, I do everything I like to do. I’m a maker, I just love to make all things”. I knew right then and there we were creative soul mates. Those little words just spoke right to my heart. For the longest time I thought I had to categorize myself as one form of artist, for example: photographer. But my love for creativity runs so much deeper and I just want to create all the time using all the mediums. I’m not trying to become an expert at all things, I just want to create because of the way it makes me feel; alive.

And because of this great love for creativity coupled with our eagerness to connect with community, this idea was born. We not only want to connect with you, we want to create with you. We want to take all of those Pinterest perfect projects you’ve been dying to make, and facilitate a space to make it happen. We do the shopping, the prepping, the instructing, and the cleanup. You just show up (invite your friends too), get your craft on (with guidance, ensuring no major “Pinterest Fails”), indulge yourself in some tasty treats, have a few laughs, and take your new handmade project home to receive great amounts of admiration for your handiwork!

We liken it to a creative vacation, but without all the fuss of packing and planning.

Gosh, I’m so excited just spelling it out… I can hardly wait to see it all come to life!

Like I said earlier, we are just a few baby steps away from becoming and official business. But we really couldn’t wait another day longer to share the big news!

So what’s next?

Today, we launched an official Instagram account for The Classroom Collective. We would LOVE if you would follow along with us@theclassroomcollective – we’ll be posting behind the scenes and loads of updates as they happen.

We’ve got a website in the works, so stay tuned for the big launch.

Next up, we will be starting a crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds to get this party started. We will be launching a product line of some of our favorite handmade textile based-goodness, allowing you to make a purchase toward our funding goal to cover some of the bigger start up costs! More on that soon, but we just wanted to plant a little seed in preparation because we would LOVE for you to partner alongside us in this endeavor!

And finally, our goal is to have a grand opening to show off the shop and space in mid-June, and start launching classes in July. We’ve got a sweet little lineup of classes in the works ranging from weaving, leather working, indigo textile dying, and so much more. But we would love to hear– in the comments and/or on Instagram– what kind of projects/classes would interest you most!

Thank you so much for being our inspiration and following along with us! We can’t wait to connect and create!

PS. Don’t forget to connect with us on Instagram:




And click the hashtag #theclassroomcollective to see some of the behind the scenes that Lindy and I have been posting over the past few weeks!