How do you guys feel about woven wall hangings? Love it or hate it? 

I LOVE IT. It's kinda hard to get started, (I only say that because I haven't actually even started but this new and unknown world of weaving just looks kinda hard right?!) So I plan to make myself a loom and give it a full blown shot but for now here is a very simple, almost self explanatory 'faux weaving' or 'tie some string on a stick' DIY project that is sure to create a little texture in your home decor.

Me and this strap have seen some pretty great things, namely Thailand. Hence the radio silence over here, I have been so exhausted from travel and am finally feeling myself this week. I hope to blog about our trip in the coming days, it was EPIC. 

For now, here is a super simple DIY so you can finally take off that noobie strap that came with your camera and start looking like you actually know how to use the thing.

What you'll need: