Well, look how fun it is! I made each side a different Shibori pattern for a little versatility. 

Heres what you need, aside from a little sewing skills.

1.5 yards of white cotton canvas
faux leather scrap or about 1/4 yard for the bottom
2 Leather strips from Hobby Lobby
Indigo dye kit (Amazon, $10)
Leather punch tool or Awl
Rivets (I bought mine online, though I have found some at bead shops and joann has a limited section)

To make:
following the indigo dye kit instructions, I made my vat of dye. while it was settling, I cut my fabric in half (hamburger ways, so i had 2 pieces of 3/4 yard) and following the indigo dye kit instructions rubber banded 2 different patterns.
I than dyed them following instructions and washed and dried my fabric. 

Onto the constructing part!

I wanted it to be a large tote bag/weekender so I made mine the entire width of the fabric X 18" long.

I cut a front and a back piece at these measurements and than another set for the lining. so you should have 4 identical pieces.

I wanted mine to have a faux leather bottom for structure so I sewed the strip right sides together onto 2 of the pieces that would be my front and back external pieces. ( you will need to subtract the inches of the leather that will be in place of the canvas fabric on the bottom so that your lining pieces will still be the same exact size as your external pieces. you are not adding inches by adding the leather, does this make sense?)

Above is my 2 outside pieces and my 2 inside pieces.

To make a boxed, flat bottom you will need to cut 2 little squares on both sides of your external and lining pieces. 3"x 3"

Now, I knew I wanted a little bit more structure so I added batting on both sides of the external pieces, just to the point of the leather strip. And I sewed the two outer pieces right sides together. Only sew the sides to the bottom cut outs and also sew the bottom across.
Than you will make the boxed bottom by pinching the cut out corners together and sew straight across.
Repeat the same steps (minus the addition of the batting) to the liner pieces.
Now right sides together you will put the lining inside the external pieces and sew around the entire circumference of the bag, leaving about a 5 inch opening. Like this...
Reach your hand inside that hole and flip it right side out. and it will look like this...
Now shove the Lining into the outer pieces and sew up that 5 inch opening.
If these directions still aren't clear to you, I'd recommend reading through this tutorial, which I referred to a couple of times while making my own. 

Now, it's time to attach the leather handles using the rivets.
Measure and mark where you want your handles to be on the bag. mine are about 6" from the sides.
Using your leather punch make 2 rows of 2 for a total of 4 rivets per handle.
put your rivet through the hole and than place the backing rivet on the inside. Using your anvil on the inside of the bag underneath the inside backing rivet, hammer the outside rivet, a couple of times using a good amount of force. continue until you have secured all handles. My leather handle drop is about 10 inches.

If the rivets confuse you or you have trouble finding some, you can always sew the leather straps on using a leather needle. just go around the perimeter and then make a large x inside that perimeter, like this:

You now have a fully lined, durable and versatile weekender/tote bag! If you have any questions let me know!

Luvs, Lindy